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EDR is not a new thing which you have heard in the weight loss and fitness area. EDR stands for Exercise , Diet and Rest. A person on his/her way towards losing weight and getting healthy must understand the EDR balance. If any of the above is missing , it will not lead to a healthy weight loss and moreover a healthy body.

Let me quote a phrase form one of the biggest and most trusted fitness gurus on this planet(i would term him a living fitness guru legend since he is still alive and rocking at 95 years of age).

Here is what Jack Lallane has to say:

“Exercise is the King, diet is the queen. Combine both of them and you have your kingdom”.

There is so much wisdom in the above quote. I wild add one more attribute in the Exercise and Queen kingdom and that is Rest.

“Exercsie is the King, diet is the queen and rest is the peaceful existence inside the kingdom”.

Now let us talk about as to what is EDR balance.

EDR balance is the balance we should maintain between exercise, diet and rest to lose weight and to lead a healthy disease free life. I cannot emphasize the importance of each attribute of EDR.

Lets say if it takes 100% EDR effort for losing weight and getting good health, the percentage which each attribute carries should be proportional. By doing more exercise and not taking care of what you eat disturbs the EDR balance. Likewise if you do not incorporate proper rest , again EDR balance gets disturbed.

The below video is the truth and nothing but the truth regarding any weight loss and fitness program regarding EDR :


Each attribute of EDR has a separate section titled Exercise , Diet and Rest. Please go through these sections to understand them better. Along with EDR please go through the Talk Sessions and healthy wisdoms ,  which will help the visitor in eradicating many doubts about weight loss and fitness.


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