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Boosting Metabolism

weight loss metabolism through exercise and diet

The word metabolism is heard and spoken about a lot in the Fitness and Weight loss circles. If you go to most of the weight loss web sites you would find metabolism being spoken about a lot. The question how to increase metabolism OR boost metabolism is quite common.
The truth is that YES metabolism is a very important thing in accomplishing weight loss. I too was intrigued a lot from the word metabolism and once i understood it and implemented its philosophy I can just say that it was one of  most important factor which led to my healthy weight loss and till date it is helping  me maintain my weight and enjoy good health.
Now let us understand metabolism from the perspective of an overweight human being who is planning to lose weight.
The meaning of metabolism is "the rate at which our body uses energy from food or burns calories". In simple words the food(energy) we take in gets utilized by our body depending upon the kind of metabolism we have. If a human being has a slow metabolism , the food (energy) will not get utilized faster by the body and the energy will get converted into fat. Having a faster metabolism leads to food(energy) getting utilized or burned  faster by the body and hence not getting stored as fat.
Metabolism of a human body is determined by the kind of diet and exercise we incorporate into our lifestyle. Let us  observe the diet part first which is most important in tuning a humans metabolism .
In case of diet 2 things will help in maintaining a good metabolism:

What kind of diet?
Let us take an example. Say an overweight human being has two food choices to have, a full  pizza with coke  or  a brown bread vegetable sandwich with an orange.
Now what kind of food will the human body burn or utilize faster ? The answer s option 2. Option 2 might just have 200-250 calories of food energy. Option1 would have approximately 1000 calories of food energy. Therefore , we have to list out the type of foods that speed up metabolism and make them a part of our daily diet.

How to eat ?
Lets take the previous example itself. Eating a full pizza at one time will load the human digestive system and it will take sufficient time for the body to utilize the energy taken in.
Eating a small meal such as option 2 above will be easily utilized by the human body. I can tell this from my own experience. I was a heavy meal eater until I realized that what
wrong I was doing to my body by feeding it with so many calories(energy) at one time. On my weight loss journey , I completely changed my meal eating habits and
started eating 5 small nutritious meals instead of 2 or 3 huge heavy meals. I just cannot emphasize the importance of small meal eating. It tuned my metabolism
so perfect that till date after I lost 50 kg of weight 6 years back I have been able to maintain it. I still eat 5-6 small meals in a day with a gap of 3-4 hours.
Therefore , eating small frequent nutritious meals will tune your metabolism and your body will not store energy as fat but burn it.

Exercise also plays a part in tuning your metabolism.  Again the law of energy is what determines it.
when we exercise we burn energy and then our body demands energy to compensate for the energy lost. This equation of energy balance: more energy lost by the body = energy supplied to the body
is maintained, the body metabolism will be maintained.

So let me summarize how an overweight human being on the journey towards weight loss can tune and jump start metabolism to facilitate weight loss.

  •  Eat small frequent nutritious meals in a day with a gap of 3-4 hours. You should feel hungry in 3-4 hours gap after having a meal.
  •  Eat more natural foods(vegetables, fruits. whole grains)  and get rid of processed foods(cakes, pastries, biscuits) and deep fried foods(French fries) .
  •  Exercise moderately 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes at least . A combination of cardiovascular exercise strength training   exercise with some yoga breathing exercises is the best.

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