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    WHY and WHAT of Weight Loss


weight loss reasons


The goal of losing weight and getting healthy is like a dream which many aspire for. I too aspired for this dream goal and was able to achieve it. My journey of weight loss was a disciplined journey incorporating a disciplined lifestyle of healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy rest associated with a healthy mindset. Before starting on my weight loss program , my mind used to be occupied with many questions like what is the good way to lose weight ,what is the best way to lose weight fast.  In addition to this my mind was always occupied with 2 things : WHY and WHAT of weight loss which were a motivating factor for me to maintain my disciplined lifestyle and work towards losing weight.
Now lets see what these 2 things meant to me and how they use to motivate me.

WHY to lose weight?

Before starting any weight loss program, a person has various  reasons to do it.

  • Some want to lose weight to get rid of diseases.
  • For some shedding a few pounds will act in increasing confidence.
  • Some want to lose weight and gain more muscle to impress others.

And many more reasons follow......

For me the reason to start on a weight loss program or the WHY TO LOSE WEIGHT was "TO GET RID OF MY BAD HEALTH PARAMETERS such as High Blood Pressure , High cholesterol, high triglyceride, low haemoglobin  etc."
Being overweight had triggered some major health problems for me and I sincerely wanted to get rid of them.

  • I wanted my blood pressure to get normalised naturally without any pills. 
  • I wanted my cholesterol to come down naturally without any pills. 
  • I wanted my haemoglobin to come up naturally without any pills. 
  • As my mother was acute diabetic, losing weight not to get diabetes was one strong reason. 

The  WHY TO LOSE WEIGHT was always in my mind during my disciplined journey towards weight loss. Whenever I used to start my exercise routine or be on a healthy diet this WHY of losing weight used to come to my mind and it used to motivate more to maintain my healthy exercise and healthy diet lifestyle. In a nutshell all the WHY's disciplined me to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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