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a natural diet of fruits , vegetables and whole grains aids in safe weight loss



Diet, the moment this word touches our mind, all sorts of food related ideas, questions, confusions confront the human mind. When I was trying to lose weight , my mind was too occupied with all sorts of things. By gathering knowledge on what constitutes a healthy diet and most important implementing on that knowledge made me realize as how the human body can be transformed by following a healthy diet.

The popular saying "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" has 100% truth in it. But I will further add a bit more to this phrase. "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ACCORDING TO NATURE". 
In the journey towards weight loss , having a balanced nutritious diet is one of the important factors to lose weight. FOOD can be a tonic for your body or it can be responsible for ruining your body.
We just need to use our common sense and gain knowledge about which type of foods are good and which are bad for us. And the person  trying to lose weight needs to a give a lot of emphasis on eating the right type of foods i.e. eating a balanced nutritionous diet. Genetics might help a person eat junk and yet stay slim  but that does not mean that person is healthy. As a human ages, the human body goes through lots of hormonal changes and repairs. The metabolism slows down , the immune system of the body goes down. So eating a healthy natural diet will aid in helping a human prevent diseases.
"The kinds of foods we eat on a daily basis are responsible for our over all health and the kind of body we have". The above fact is tested and implemented by millions on this planet.

People have a myth in their minds that the foods which come in the healthy category(fruits, vegetables etc) are not tasty or delicious as the foods which are categorized in the unhealthy category(Pizzas, French Fries, etc). The fact is that good foods can be very delicious if approached and prepared properly and can be a part of an effective weight loss diet.
I was a total unhealthy food category eater till I got the realization of losing weight and getting healthy.
Becoming a total healthy food category eater has transformed me, my body, my health , my thinking, and moreover my life.
I used my commonsense approach along with the knowledge I gained to tackle my unhealthy food loving habit, which helped me a lot in developing a healthy food loving habit.

Did u know that eating FAT is good for you and your body. You just need to know which are GOOD FATS and which are BAD FATS. There are many things which people miss out on diet when they are on a weight loss program. And the good thing is that most of the good health foods available are not expensive. You can easily get them at your local grocery store.



The food energy required by the human body can be categorized in to the following:

  • carbohydrates 
  • fats 
  • proteins 

Whatever kinds of food a human being eats or drinks(except water) , it is either one or a combination of the above three. Therefore , it is very important to understand the relevence of these three food categories into the human diet. Each food category demands special attention hence I have created a desperate section for each carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Please go through these sections to better understand the theory of human diet.
I have created a diet food matrix which I have been following on a daily basis since I lost 50KG and by following this matrix I have been as fit and healthy as ever. You can consider this as a weight loss diet plan or a healthy lifestyle diet plan. Kindly download my free diet matrix
   and I guarantee 1000000000000000% that if you follow my free weight loss diet matrix as a part of the edr principle , you will not only lose weight but gain good health and will be a different person.


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